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NOPSA Congress 2024

The Nordic Political Science Congress (NOPSA) will take place in Bergen from 25 to 28 June 2024.

NOPSA is a conference based on workshops (usually 25-30 in number). Each workshop is coordinated by two or three workshop leaders, who are responsible for the practical matters, such as setting up the workshop schedule and allocating discussants to each paper. Participants attend all sessions of their respective workshops.

The organizers have launched a call for papers for contributions to workshops.

It is possible to apply to a workshop by sending an email directly to the chairs of the workshop by 15 December containing: 

a) the paper title,
b) abstract (150-200 words) and,
c) the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliation and email address.

Stefan Dahlberg and Vera Lomazzi proposes a workshop on European values.

Values of Europe and European Values
Professor Stefan Dahlberg, Mid Sweden University & University of Bergen
Assistant Professor Vera Lomazzi, University of Bergamo
We invite researchers working with European Values Study data or conducting research on European
values using comparative survey data to submit abstracts for presentation at the NOPSA workshop

Abstracts should include a brief description of the research topic, methodology, and key
findings or expected outcomes.
The workshop’s primary objective is to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration among
researchers utilizing European Values Study (EVS) data or similar data sources. By bringing together
experts and researchers in this field, the workshop serves as a platform for exchanging ideas,
methodologies, and findings pertaining to European values and their implications across diverse
research domains. Through this collaborative environment, participants can explore comparative
survey data analysis techniques and deepen their understanding of the intricate dynamics of
European values.

EVS Deep Dive:
Introduction and significance of the European Values Study.
Dataset insights, ethical data access, and research resources.
Comparative survey techniques and quality assurance.
European Values in Focus:
Socio-political attitudes, democracy, and institutional trust.
Cultural shifts, generational value changes, and societal impacts.
Value-driven well-being, community cohesion, and sustainability.
Frontiers in European Values Research:
Cutting-edge topics, methodologies, and collaborative explorations.
Researcher presentations and project showcases.
Interdisciplinary collaborations and joint publication opportunities.
Expected Outcomes:

  • The workshop aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Enhanced understanding of European values and their significance in various domains of
  • Improved knowledge and application of comparative survey data analysis techniques.
  • Establishment of a network of researchers working on European values and comparative
    survey data.
  • Identification of potential collaborative projects and research opportunities.
  • Dissemination of research findings through a workshop proceedings publication.
    Language: English