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Launch of EVS2017 in Luxembourg

To announce the start of the data collection in Luxembourg, the Consortium STUDIALUX organize the seminar “Comprendre les valeurs au Luxembourg et leurs transformations” on June 7th at the Université du Luxembourg.

The purpose of the study day is to launch the execution of the Luxembourg part of EVS2017. The study day will be followed by a round table with representatives of civil societies in Luxembourg. The Grande Enquête sur le Luxembourg (STUDIALUX) is a research consortium that aims to establish a political and social state of Luxembourg in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, comprising the Research Chair in Parliamentary Studies of the Chamber of Deputies at the University of Luxembourg, the project’s manager, the Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques du Luxembourg (STATEC) and the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). The commissioned study is made possible thanks to the patronage of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg and the Government of Luxembourg.

EVS in Luxembourg is coordinated by Professor Philippe Poirier.

To attend the seminar, register here by June 3rd.