Council of Program Directors

The EVS Council is the common assembly of Associate and Full Partners of EVS. The Council determines the topical focus of each EVS survey round and advises on conducting the survey across Europe.

The Council elects the members of the Scientific Committee and decides on the major topics for the upcoming wave of the EVS. The Program Directors convene in principle yearly, and their main task is to discuss the general outlines of the EVS project and to approve the final questionnaire and the survey methodology.

The EVS Assembly consists of the Full Partners of EVS. The EVS Assembly is the highest scientific authority of EVS. It decides strategic questions of long-term relevance, including the mandatory methodological standards to be followed in conducting the survey, the Partnership fees, the planned budget, the financial accounts report delivered by the Executive Committee, accession, status, and termination of Partnership for Associate and Full Partners.

Chair: Antoanela Petkovska

Members: Ilir Gedeshi (Albania), Gevork Poghosyan (Armenia), Sylvia Kritzinger (Austria), David Rotman (Belarus), Bart Meuleman (Belgium), Jadranka Kolenović-Đapo (Bosnia-Hertzegovina), Ivan Nachev (Bulgaria), Silvija Migles (Croatia), Victor Roudometof (Cyprus), Beatrice Chromková Manea (Czechia), Morten Frederiksen (Denmark), Erki Saar (Estonia), Kimmo Ketola (Finland), Frédéric Gonthier (France), Merab Pachulia (Georgia), Reinhard Pollak (Germany), Aikaterini Gari (Greece), Gergely Rosta (Hungary), Asdis Arnalds (Iceland), Ferruccio Biolcati (Italy), Denis Spahija (Kosovo), Inta Mierina (Latvia), Ruta Ziliukaite (Lithuania), Antoanela Petkovska (North Macedonia), Saviour Formosa (Malta), Olivera Komar (Montenegro), Tim Reeskens (The Netherlands), Anders Todal Jenssen (Norway), Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin  (Poland), Alice Ramos (Portugal), Bogdan Voicu (Romania), Natalia Soboleva (Russia), Milos Besic (Serbia), Katarína Strapcová (Slovak Republic), Samo Uhan (Slovenia), Edurne Bartolomé Peral (Spain), Stefan Dahlberg (Sweden), Michèle Ernst Stähli (Switzerland), Yilmaz Esmer (Turkey), Bobby Duffy (United Kingdom)