Data and Documentation – Survey 2008

Data access

Free of charge data and documentation download is provided by GESIS. For general information on data accessibility and use, see “Data Downloads“.

Documentation related to the Integrated Dataset EVS 2008

Study description: gives information on the data, including notes about Version History & Errata.
Guidelines and Recommendations: includes the standards and recommendations designed by the EVS advisory groups for all EVS member countries.
Technical Report: Description of the project and data management, comprising the main project phases and regulations from data creation to publication of the outcomes.
Method Report: gives summarized information on the Integrated Dataset with country-specific information on the origin of the national datasets based on the methodological questionnaires submitted by all EVS member countries.
Variable Report: combines variable descriptions of the Integrated Dataset with question texts of the English Master Questionnaire and Show cards.
Master questionnaire: EVS questionnaire including Show cards.
Compare question texts in EVS 2008: gives information on translation procedure, peculiarities, and problems.

Documentation related to the national datasets of EVS 2008

Participating countries and country-information: Field questionnaires and additional information on the data collection period and sample size are provided. For an overview of all participating countries, click here.

Comparisons across EVS waves

The Common EVS/WVS Dictionary – EVS Trend provides an overview of all variables used in the five EVS waves and their correspondence in terms of comparability. Further, the EVS variable catalogue in the GESIS Search contains the variable documentation and enables the search for variables and questions as well as their comparison.
EVS 1981-2017 Method Overview provides summarized information for all participating countries on the origin and content of data in the single EVS waves.