Brill-EVS Series

Brill Academic Publisher publishes in cooperation with European Values Study the European Values Studies Series edited by Loek Halman and Paul de Graaf (Tilburg University). The publications include interpretations and explanations of the quantitative survey data. These are presented in the form of monographs and edited volumes. The Series also publishes sourcebooks.

Recent volumes include:

European Values. Trends and Divides Over Thirty Years (2017) Pierre Bréchon and Frédéric Gonthier (Eds.).

European Values in Numbers. Trends and Traditions at the Turn of the Century (2016). Ruud Luijkx, Loek Halman, Inge Sieben, Evelyn Brislinger, and Markus Quandt.

Value Contrasts and Consensus in Present-Day Europe. Painting Europe’s Moral Landscapes (2014). Wil Arts & Loek Halman.

Atlas of European Values. Trends and Traditions at the turn of the Century (2011). Loek Halman, Inge Sieben & Marga van Zundert.

Mapping Value Orientations in Central and Eastern Europe (2010). Loek Halman and Malina Voicu.

Changing Values, Persisting Cultures. Case Studies in Value Change (2007). Thorleif Pettersson and Yilmaz Esmer.

Changing Values and Beliefs in 85 Countries. Trends from the Values Surveys from 1981 to 2004 (2007). Loek Halman, Ronald Inglehart, Jaime Díez-Medrano, Ruud Luijkx.

Globalization, Value Change, and Generations. A Cross-National and Intergenerational Perspective (2006). Peter Ester, Michael Braun & Peter Mohler.

Conflict and Consensus. A study of values and attitudes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (2006). Tony Fahey, Bernadette C. Hayes and Richard Sinnott.

Atlas of European Values (2005). Loek Halman, Ruud Luijkx and Marga van Zundert.

European Values at the Turn of the Millennium (2004). Wil Arts and Loek Halman.

The Cultural Diversity of European Unity. Findings, Explanations and Reflections from the European Values Study (2003). Wil Arts, Jacques Hagenaars and Loek Halman in collaboration with Wim van de Donk and Ton van Schaik.

Religion in secularizing society. The European’s religion at the end of the 20th century (1999). Loek Halman and Ole Riis.

From Cold War to Cold Peace? A comparative empirical study of Russian and Western political cultures (1997). Peter Ester, Loek Halman and Vladimir Rukavishnikov.

Political Value Change in Western Democracies. Integration, Values, Identification, and Participation (1996). Loek Halman and Neil Nevitte.

Values in Western Societies (1995). Ruud de Moor.

The Individualizing Society. Value Change in Europe and North America (1993; 1994). Peter Ester, Loek Halman and Ruud de Moor.

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