Collaboration with WVS

The European Values Study and the World Values Survey agreed to collaborate in carrying out the 2017 values survey in Europe as defined in the Memorandum of Understandings (MoU).

A Joint Liaison Committee has been established with the aim of ensuring regular communication and coordination of common activities between the two organizations.

In line with this agreement, both organizations coordinated the questionnaire’s design and the overlap in the two questionnaires is about 70%. In all European countries, the EVS questionnaire is applied, and data collection is coordinated by EVS according to the strict methodological guidelines prepared by EVS Methodology Group that are specifically adapted to the European context.

The MoU also covers issues related to data exchange, cleaning, archiving, integration, embargo (§9). The joint data dissemination and data property are described in details in the document attached to the MoU.

In addition, the representatives of the EVS and WVS secretariats and data archives met on Friday 14 August 2020 to agree on the workflows, procedures and standards for data archiving and data release of the joint EVS-WVS core dataset. Thanks to this cooperation, the two organizations will offer the research community a joint product, which is expected to include data from 96 countries.

In May 2020, EVS published the third pre-release of EVS2017 and on October 20, 2020 EVS published its Full release.

In July 2020, WVS published its 7th wave. WVS provides a provisional EVS-WVS Cross-National, created by merging provisional versions of WVS and EVS files. For any questions arising from the use of this dataset, please contact the WVSA Secretariat.

The joint release of the EVS-WVS dataset, prepared according to the agreed standards, has been published on November 13, 2020 and updated on January 26, 2021, July 7, 2021, and May 23, 2022.