Participating countries and country-information – Survey 1981

For the national datasets, field questionnaires (FQ) are available for download.
For documentation related to the Integrated Dataset EVS 1981, please go to Data and Documentation.

Data collection period
Sample size
Field Questionnaire
Belgium01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811145FQ
Denmark01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811182FQ
France01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811200FQ
Germany West01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811305FQ
Great Britain01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811167FQ
Ireland01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811217FQ
Italy01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811348FQ
Malta11-1983 to 02-1984467FQ
Netherlands01-03-1981 to 31-05-19811221FQ
Northern Ireland01-03-1981 to 31-05-1981312FQ
Norway11-1982 to 12-19821051
Spain01-03-1981 to 31-05-19812303FQ
USA01-03-1982 to 31-03-19822325FQ