Conducting the survey on European values is the purpose of the organization called “European Value Systems Study Group” (EVSSG). The EVSSG is a non-profit organization, legally constituted as a charity foundation under Dutch law, with its seat in Tilburg. Throughout this website, the EVSSG is also referred to as the “EVS Foundation”.

The European Values project is managed by the Council of Program Directors, who discuss the general outlines of the project and approve the final questionnaire and the survey method. All daily responsibilities are delegated to the Executive Committee. The Scientific Committee advises the Executive Committee on methodological guidelines, questionnaire development, substantive issues, and outreach matters.

In close cooperation with the Scientific Committee, the Data Archive supports integrating the national surveys of each round of EVS into international files and documenting the EVS survey data throughout all phases of the survey process. In cooperation with the Scientific Committee, the Data Archive can set forth binding rules for the format, documentation, and deposit procedure of national data sets.

The EVS Foundation aims at planning and promoting joint activities and offers assistance in fundraising, like finding sponsors. EVS members adhere to high ethical standards. For further information, please consult the EVS Ethical statement.

The functioning of the EVS is defined by the Regulations for the Governance of the European Value Systems Study Group.