Documentation – Survey 2017

Documentation of the EVS 2017 Integrated dataset (full release): as of May 2022

Guidelines related to all EVS 2017 data files (study and variable level)

Methodological information (study level)

  Master Questionnaire: CAPI and CAWI questionnaires.

  Variable and harmonization reports (variable level)

EVS2017 Country level information

       Field questionnaires and summarized information on fieldwork

Comparisons across EVS waves

The Common EVS/WVS Dictionary – EVS Trend provides an overview of all variables used in the five EVS waves and their correspondence in terms of comparability. Further, the EVS variable catalog in the GESIS Search contains the variable documentation and enables the search for variables and questions as well as their comparison.
EVS 1981-2017 Method Overview provides summarized information for all participating countries on the origin and content of data in the single EVS waves.