In the Erasmus+ KA2 project European Values in Education (EVALUE), teaching materials for secondary schools are developed which are based on EVS data. The goal of these materials is values education: values clarification and values communication. Students will get a more clear idea how to position oneself within a diversity of opinions and learn which explanations there might be for own standpoints but also for the viewpoints of others.

Key in the project is the webtool (www.atlasofeuropeanvalues.eu). This tool (available in seven languages) will allow to

  1. Create interactive maps displaying how Europeans think about a wide range of topics and to compare these values across countries, time, and between different groups in society.
  2. Create a digital classroom to display student’s values and to compare these with the values of country populations or different groups in society.
  3. Use teaching materials, lesson plans, curriculum framework and background documentation to develop lessons about value education on contemporary themes like migration, democracy, environment, solidarity and tolerance.

The hosting of the webtool is provided by partner organization EUROGEO, which has been hosting EU funded projects since the late 1990s. Their hosting service can provide all relevant database capabilities and ensures a secure connection between the user and the server in order to protect user data being exchanged.

The Memorandum of Understanding between European Values Study and EUROGEO intends to secure this sustainable hosting and maintenance of the webtool by EUROGEO, and makes sure that we work close together to update the website and webtool with new data when they will be available.

Next to this, EUROGEO is a partner with a large network in Europe (including many relevant contacts). They organize impactful events and are involved in many EU funded projects.

In this project, the contact person for EVS is Inge Sieben (Tilburg University).