Data and Documentation – Survey 1981

Data access

Free of charge data and documentation download is provided by GESIS. For information on how to download EVS data, see “Where to get the data”.

Documentation related to the Integrated Dataset

Study description: Information on the data, including notes about Version History & Errata.
Variable Report: combines variable descriptions of the Integrated Dataset with question texts of the English Master Questionnaire and Showcards.
Master questionnaire: EVS questionnaire including Showcards.

Documentation related to the national datasets

Participating countries and country information: Field questionnaires and additional information on the data collection period and sample size are provided. For an overview of all participating countries, click here.

Online variable information for all EVS waves 1981-2008

Online variable overview allows for comparisons of trend variables of all EVS waves. In addition, comparisons of original question texts across the waves 1999/2000 and 2008 are supported.
Question text retrieval allows for full-text searches in the English Master Questionnaire and in variable reports (partly bilingual) of both integrated and national datasets.