EVS Bibliography

Publications using EVS data can be found in the EVS Bibliography. It presently contains over 2.800 publications known to the EVS. Most of them are in English, but other languages are included as well.

The file with the bibliographical data is available in two formats:
•  A PDF file (20230125_EVS_Bibliography) contains the bibliographical information in a human-readable format (using ‘Chicago’ author-year style, in alphabetical order, and grouped by entry types like book, article, etc.). Use this for searching and reading as you would in published lists of references.
•  Further, there is a BibTex format file (BibTex_EVS_20230125) that can be imported into most reference management software. This file contains more complete data (if available with abstract, keywords, sometimes even EVS data set references and variable name, etc.). For details on the import process, please refer to your preferred reference management system.

Both files will be updated in a loosely quarterly schedule.

Is your EVS publication not in the EVS Bibliography?
Please send us an email at evs.bibliography@gesis.org with the bibliographic information on your publication (title, author(s), year of publication, journal or publisher, online resources). Also include information on the specific EVS data that you used, preferably by giving the title and the DOI of the dataset. If you can offer additional information on variable names, countries, and time points, we would appreciate it.
Information about the bibliographic citation of EVS data can be found here.