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EVS2017 in Czech Republic: results presented

The EVS Czech team presented yesterday in a press conference the results of EVS 2017 run in Czech Republic.

“Czechs are the happiest in the history of history”, the Czech media reported yesterday. The data presented at the press conference, which was organized by the research team of the Institute of Population Studies led by Ladislav Rabušice, was presented at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University yesterday. The full article (in Czech) is available here.

The data itself comes from the longitudinal comparative project European Values Study, whose next wave of investigation took place last year. Data processing from this and three previous survey waves for the Czech Republic is part of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic entitled “Value Changes in the Czech Republic from a European and World Perspective”, which is being solved by the team around Professor Rabušice.

The first important output of the project is the source publication “Values and Attitudes in the Czech Republic 1991-2017” published by the University Publishing House Munipress, which you can find in the article link, where you can freely download its electronic form.

An other article on using the presented data can be found here.

Religious change and the shaping of solidarity and social participation in a troubled Europe

Ferruccio Biolcati-Rinaldi (member of the Italian team of EVS), Ruud Luijkx (chair of the methodology group of EVS), and Cristiano Vezzoni (Italian PI of ESS), edited the special issue of Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia.

In addition to their introduction, the special issue “Religious change and the shaping of solidarity and social participation in a troubled Europe” includes six papers:

  • Introduction. Religion and social integration in Europe – Ferruccio Biolcati, Ruud Luijkx, Cristiano Vezzoni
  • When Gen Xers and Millennials catch up. Religiosity and generational gaps in social altruism – Frédéric Gonthier
  • Religion, welfare regimes and attitudes toward government responsibility for citizens’ welfare. A European comparative analysis – Renzo Carriero, Marianna Filandri, Francesco Molteni
  • A post-secular turn in attitudes towards religion? Anti-religiosity and anti-Muslim sentiment in Western Europe – Egbert Ribberink, Peter Achterberg, Dick Houtman
  • «Faith, love, and hope, these three». On the (non-) effects of Christian religiosity on citizens’ identification with Europe – Markus Quandt, Vera Lomazzi
  • Immigrant women’s employment patterns. Disentangling the effects of ethnic origin, religious affliation and religiosity – Raffaele Guetto, Ivana Fellini
  • A New Religious Movement in a small village. Ethnography of a religious repopulation –   Francesco Sacchetti, Mario Venturella, Niccolò Sirleto

New Book in the EVS Brill Series

A new book in the EVS Brill Series  in the EVS Brill Series edited by Pierre Bréchon and Frédéric Gonthier: European Values. Trends and Divides Over Thirty Years (2017)

In sharp contrast to the popular belief that values are converging and becoming increasingly standardized, this book draws on the EVS surveys to show that Europe remains very diverse in terms of values orientations toward the major issues of everyday life. It also addresses how and in what direction values are actually changing, thus emphasizing the joint influence of key factors like secularization, economic development, the rise in educational attainment levels and the welfare state. Written by the team of political scientists and sociologists who are carrying out the EVS surveys in France, this books leads to the striking conclusion that increasingly individualized value systems do not necessarily mirror a more individualistic society.

See here an overview of the chapters.