EVS at ESRA Conference

The European Values Study will be at  the 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, in Lisbon. Ruud Luijkx and Loek Halman present the development of the research program since 1981 to 2017 during the session “Overview of Open Access European Survey Data”.

Many members of EVS coordinate sessions or present their works, and several scholars are going to present papers based on EVS data. In particular we enlighten the sessions “The Study of Value Change using European Values Surveys” that will take place on Wednesday 19  (Room F2 109) with the following presentations:

9.00-10.30 First session (see the details here)

  1. Examining National Pride across Time and Countries, 1995-2013 – Dr Tom W Smith (NORC at the University of Chicago)
  2. Work values and job preferences in Europe: gender aspect –  Ms Natalia Soboleva (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)
  3. Modernisation, Culture, and Moral Change in Europe: From Universalism to Contextualism –  Professor Hermann Dülmer (University of Cologne)

11.00 – 12.30 Second session (see details here)

  1. The Measurement Instruments of Japanese Religiosity from a Comparative Perspective: Data Analysis of the WVS 6th Wave – Professor Kazufumi Manabe (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  2. Dynamics of Social Change using Comparative Survey Data – a Polish Example – Professor Jerzy Bartkowski (Warsaw University)

See  also the full program of the conference.