EVS at the 8th LCSR International Workshop

Ruud Luijkx and Vera Lomazzi have been invited to give a special lecture at the 8th LCSR International Workshop “Quantitative Research of Social Changes across the World”, held from 10th to 14 April 2018 at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

Their session aimed to deal with the challenges of comparability in cross-national surveys from two different views. Vera Lomazzi discussed issues related to measurement equivalence from the “data-user” perspective, explaining the different approaches and methods to assess invariance.

Since high methodological standards can improve data quality and comparability across societies, Ruud Luijkx proposed the perspective of the “data-producer”, illustrating the several aspects which have been considered in the preparation of the EVS2017 to minimize biases and cross-national inequivalences.