New book by the French Team of EVS

The French team of EVS recently published the book, edited by Bréchon Pierre, Les Européens et leurs valeurs. Entre individualisme et individualisation, Presses Universitaires de Grenoble, 2023, 310 p. (Europeans and their Values. Between individualism and individualisation).

How have these value systems fared over the past 40 years? Is the vision of democracy as the best political system shared by all countries? Do age, gender, social class and beliefs have an impact on value systems? Are there differences between the major regions of the continent?
This highly accessible book analyzes these data and presents the results in some fifteen chapters organized around the question of social ties and political values, followed by an analysis through the prism of social groups.
The book debunks a number of stereotypes, relativizes many commonplaces conveyed by the media – the disenchantment of the police, the stalling of the social ladder, the alleged poor integration of immigrants – and provides a better understanding of the evolution of opinions and values on the European continent.

Authors: Chloé Alexandre, Camille Bedock, Pierre Bréchon, Bruno Cautrès, Claude Dargent, Bernard Denni, Nathalie Dompnier, Abel François, Olivier Galland, Gilles Ivaldi, Cyril Jayet, Raul Magni‑Berton, Max‑Valentin Robert, ­Jean‑François Tchernia, Vincent Tournier.

The introduction, has been made available in English by the editor of the book, Pierre Brèchon.