Second Data Pre-release of EVS2017

The second pre-release of EVS2017 is scheduled for July 15, 2019.

In addition to the 16 countries (Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Iceland, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Czechia, Belarus) already included in the first first pre-release, the second pre-release will make available data from Albania, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia Rep., Norway, Romania, Sweden*. Furthermore, it will include also data from the mixed-method applied in 6 countries (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland).

Scholars interested in submitting proposals to the EVS International Workshop in Tbilisi- “Comparing values in (post)crisis Europe” can therefore consider fresh data from about 30 countries.

Data will be available for downloaded in the data stock catalog of the GESIS Data Archive (the dataset of the first pre-release can be already downloaded here: study number ZA7500).

The final release of EVS is planned for early 2020.

*Please note that data concerning a few countries are still in the data processing phase and minor changes to this list can occur in the coming weeks.