Webinar: Value changes in pandemic times, 2020.11.27

Organized by the Romanian Group for Studying Social Values, this webinar brought together scholars from the community studying social values, and contributes to understanding the changes that Covid19 brings to the social fabric.

Four academic presentations, based on accepted papers in a special issue of European Societies, are proposed. A final discussion of common messages in the papers is delivered by Vera Lomazzi13

  • Tim Reeskens10, Quita Muis10, Inge Sieben10, Leen Vandecasteele11, Ruud Luijkx10 & Loek Halman10 Stability or change of public opinion and values during the coronavirus crisis? Exploring Dutch longitudinal panel data (Full paper here)
  • Malina Voicu1 & Delia Bădoi1, Fertility and the COVID-19 crisis: do gender roles really matter? (Full paper here)
  • Francesco Molteni12, Riccardo Ladini12, Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi12, Antonio M. Chiesi12, Giulia Maria Dotti Sani12, Simona Guglielmi12, Marco Maraffi12, Andrea Pedrazzani12, Paolo Segatti12 & Cristiano Vezzoni12. Searching for comfort in religion: insecurity and religious behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy (Full paper here)
  • Bogdan Voicu1,2, Edurne Bartolomé Peral3, Horațiu Rusu2,1, Gergely Rosta4,5, Mircea Comșa6, Octavian-Marian Vasile1,7, Lluís Coromina 8, Claudiu D. Tufis9. COVID-19 and orientations towards solidarity. The cases of Spain, Hungary, and Romania (Full paper available soon)

00:00:00 Start streaming 00:11:24 Start of the Webinar 00:14:30 Tim Reeskens 00:46:04 Delia Bădoi & Malina Voicu 01:17:16 Francesco Molteni 01:50:03 Bogdan Voicu 02:18:52 Vera Lomazzi