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EVS Regional meeting in Sofia

On 28-29th of November 2019 at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, was held Workshop with the participation of researchers from  Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro in connection with the Fifth Wave of the European Values Study (EVS).

Discussions on the Main Topic of the International Academic Conference “Valuation of Values in South-Eastern Europe” to be held on 2-5 July 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria, which will include the following panels:

Panel I. The end of Balkanization: a traumatic past and new perspectives
Panel II. Cultural diversity and pan-European values
Panel III. Satisfaction with life and work
Panel IV. Religion and quasi-religious beliefs
Panel V. The family
Panel VI. National and European identity
Panel VII. Politics, Democracy, trust in institutions
Panel VIII. Education, market economy, inequalities
Panel IX. Tolerance and solidarity
Panel X. Young generations and revolution of hopes?

Regional cooperation issues were discussed such as: a Project of a Book of Participant Articles to be published in English and in the national languages ​​of the countries of South-Eastern Europe; Interpersonal discussions of the participants in the Workshop with a view to co-authorship on the topics of the conference and the thematic structure of the Collection; Negotiation for future international projects. Establish and strengthen regional academic contacts and so on; Exchange of research, learning experience.

      The participants appreciated the Workshop as a very successful start for future regional cooperation.

EVS 2017 Results in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Team of EVS just published the book Fotev, G. (ed.) 2019. European Values. The New Constellation (in Bulgarian): Sofia, New Bulgarian University, 540 p.

The book includes chapters written by 22 Bulgarian university scholars and here a preview of the content and list of authors is accessible.

How to Debate European Values?

The New Bulgarian University (EVS Partner in Bulgaria) hosted the seminar “How to Debate European Values?”, attended by most prominent and distinguished analysts.

Professor Georgy Fotev (EVS National Program Director) and Professor Boriana Dimitrova (Director of Alpha Research) illustrated the main results from the data just collected in Bulgaria to open the discussion on European values in Bulgaria.

Read here the full report of the event, drafted by Dr. Teodora Karamelska (Deputy Director of the Centre for the study of European Values).

The collaboration between the Centre for the study of the European Values, created by prof. Fotev, and Alpha Research, lead by prof. Dimitrova has been particularly successful thanks to the expertise of these research centres.

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