CfP: Old and New Boundaries in Europe: National and Religious Identities

An international workshop in the context of the On Bound Project will take place in Milan on 27-28 November 2019.

The project focuses on a better understanding of how national and religious identities are intertwined in the modern world. For this, a vast array of existing individual level and contextual data will be merged and enriched. The result will be a publicly available multi-level database.

Markus Quandt (member of the Executive Committee and Methodology Group of EVS) belong to the On Bound Project Team and Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi (member of the Italian team of EVS) is an international collaborator of the project.

The organizers invite interested scholars to submit original abstracts no longer than 400 words by 15/4/2019. The abstracts shall make use of the project-compiled data (an overview of the multi-level database is available here) and contain ideas about how the contribution would address the relationship between national and religious identities comparatively, both within Europe, or comparing European countries on an international level. Accepted contributors will be granted access to the data shortly after acceptance of their abstracts. For more information, consult the full call for papers.