EVS Results in Georgia

In the online journal Financial several articles based on EVS proved information on the Georgian society.

Among the most recently published, “Does marriage still matter?” by Ani Lortkipanidze (member of the Georgian team at GORBI), uses data from EVS to explore whether marriage is considered an outdated institution by people in Georgia, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Russia.

Other pieces are, for example:

In Georgia, the Press is Sinking, but Labor is at the Bottom“, Published on July 9, 2018
After Cannabis Legalization, Volume Limits on Khantsi? Published on August 13, 2018
The Georgian Army Rules” Published on June 25, 2019
Most young Georgians believe in hell and heaven?” Published on: June 18, 2018
No Sex, but Drugs and rock & roll” Published on May 28, 2018
Catch Up and Overtake America’ has failed, shall we give it another try?” Published on: May  21, 2018