EVS Webinar Series

The EVS Webinar Series is a regular activity aimed at offering occasions for scientific exchange among values scholars. The focus of the series is the discussion over topical issues related to European values.

The first EVS webinar “Values, Polarization, and Cultural Backlash?” focuses on polarization of democratic values, political trust and political values orientations and takes place on March 4th, 2022 at 14 CET.

Our speakers are Prof. Frédéric Gonthier, presenting his recently published paper (with Tristan Guerra): How Party Polarization Shapes the Structuring of Policy Preferences in Europe and Dr. Marlene Mauk, presenting her paper Rebuilding Trust in Broken Systems? Populist Party Success and Citizens’ Trust in Democratic Institutions. Read more about this webinar here.

The discussion will be chaired by Morten Frederiksen.

The EVS Webinar Series is organized by Morten Frederiksen, Vera Lomazzi, Natalia Soboleva

To participate, you need to register: Fill this form by March 3rd.