Past, Present and Future of the study of European Values

The venue: University of Bergamo, Italy

The Italian team of the European Values Study/World Values Survey hosts the annual General Assembly of EVS, the meeting of the Liaison Committee of EVS-WVS, and the international scientific event “European Values and the Values of Europe” alongside the Third Italian conference of EVS/WVS data users “Crisis after Crisis: Values Change in Italy”.

The event takes place at the University of Bergamo on (28)- 29-30 September 2022 with a rich program for the sessions open to the public.

On September 29th, the keynote session “European values and social identities” with Dr. Plamen Akaliyski and Dr. Simona Guglielmi, addresses relevant issues in current Europe societies, such as cultural integration and national and European identity. Later, during the roundtable on “Studying Values in Turbolent Europe“, Dr. Michale Ochsner (FORS, EVS Standing Group) chairs the discussion on current challenges and future prospects for values research with Ruud Luijks (EVS), Kseniya Kizilova (WVS/WAPOR), Andrea Bonaccorsi (University of Pisa and IRVAPP-FBK), and Gabi Lombardo (European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities).

On 29th afternoon and on 30th, the Third Italian conference of EVS/WVS data users takes place with selected presentations (sessions in English/Italian).

The event takes place in person.

Organizing Committee
Vera Lomazzi (University of Bergamo), Ferruccio Biolcati (University of Milan), Giancarlo Rovati (Catholic University of Milan), Ruud Luijkx (Tilburg University, University of Trento)