The EVS community mourns the death of Dr. Olga Balakireva

It is with deep sadness that we learn that Dr. Olga Balakireva passed away after long illness. Dr Balakireva has been the Principal Investigator for Ukraine at the European Values Study and at the World Values Survey for over 25 years. Dr Balakireva has facilitated conducting the very first wave of value studies in Ukraine back in 1996 and supported implementation of both research programs in Ukraine since then. Thanks to her constant support, Ukraine has participated in WVS-EVS survey rounds in 1995-1998, 2000-2004, 2005-2008, 2011-2014 and most recently in 2017-2022.

In addition to her committment to the EVS/WVS survey programmes, Dr Balakireva was president of the Board of the Ukrainia Institute for Social Research, Director of the Center for Social Monitoring, Editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian society Magazine, Head of the Department for Monitoring Research of Socio-Economic Transformations of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Dr Balakireva was an experienced researcher, a dear colleague who will be deeply missed. The EVS community expresses condolences to the family and friends.