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Results in Denmark: Youth and Political Values

On July 10, Morten Frederiksen has been invited to discuss about the values of the young generations in Denmark during the political talk show Deadline on the national broadcast DR TV. Taking into account the results from the European Values Study in Denmark, he underlined that younger generation has new political values. Young people may have lack of interest in (and confidence in) politics, but do have enthusiasm for freeminds, competition and hard work. The discussion (in Danish language) is available. The recently published book “Usikker modernitet – Danskernes værdier fra 1981 til 2017” (Uncertainty Modernity) provides deeper insights on the value change in Denmark.

Deadline – Dr TV 10 July, 2019

Are educational values changed?

A recent article published in Berlingske reports results of EVS carried out in Denmark. Parents are calling for firmer frameworks and greater respect for authorities Over the past 30 years, there has been a marked slump in the Danes’ educational values. Today, according to the results of EVS, most Danes want children to have greater respect for authorities and a stronger framework in their upbringing. These look as important conditions for children to succeed. The article refers to the chapter by Karen Margrethe Dahl included in “Usikker modernitet – Danskernes værdier fra 1981 til 2017” (Uncertainty Modernity).

Goodbye to 00’s individualism: Several Danes want more economic equality

“More Danes want more equality”

The article in the Danish journal Mandag Morgen reports results from the EVS carried out in Denmark commented by Morten Frederiksen.

According to the study, after a decade of economic crisis and profound welfare reforms, more and more Danes – across all population groups – want more economic equality. The Danes are also more interested in each other’s living conditions.

EVS 2017, Results in Denmark. Book published

Morten Frederiksen (National Program Director of EVS Denmark) edited the book “Usikker modernitet – Danskernes værdier fra 1981 til 2017” (Uncertainty Modernity) published by Hans Reitzels Vorlag. The book, based on the results of EVS in Denmark, examines the development of the Danes’ values ​​over four decades and captures the historical changes that have taken place since 1981.

“Usikker Modernitet” examines everything from the Danes’ national pride, concern for immigration, political participation, political values, attitudes to surveillance and environmental protection, voluntary work, religion, citizenship, gender equality, upbringing and experience of unhappiness, and analyzes developments and setbacks in a sociological perspective.

Denmark is often referred to as a society characterized by happiness, trust and tolerance, where neither religion nor social class really divides the population and where equality, environmental awareness and non-authoritarian education are values ​​that bring together most.

However, that image cannot be taken for granted, as many of these values ​​are relatively new, and some of them even exist only in a smaller part of the population. In 2017, many Danes were less happy and less confident than they were just a decade earlier.

The Danes have lost confidence in other people, trust in the political system and they have become less happy” – M. Frederiksen

(This text is a translated and adapted version of the original description provided by the editor)

Close to every other Danes does not trust the Folketing

DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) reports results from EVS in Denmark. In particular the article points the attentation on the fact that in ten years, trust in the Danish Parliament has fallen markedly – especially among the low-skilled and low-paid.

The article also refers to the upcoming book “Usikker Modernitet: Danskernes værdier 1981-2017” edited by Morten Frederiksen.