General Assembly and Workshop in Athens

European Values Study and the EVS Greek team (Aikaterini Gari, Vassilis Pavlopoulos, Penny Panagiotopoulou) from University of Athens have organized the EVS General Assembly and a Workshop in Athens, on 5th May 2017.

During the General Assembly, chaired by Dr. Michael Breen, the Chair of EVS Loek Halman announced the release of the final version of the questionnaire to be used for the next data collection in Europe. The new master questionnaire is the results of the joint work of the Theory Group and the Methodology Group, in consultation with the National Program Directors during the previous General Assemblies, and with World Values Survey. Compared to the version used in 2008, some questions have been dropped and new have been added, trying to keep the balance between comparability over time and innovation, also in the perspective of compatibility with items used by WVS outside Europe. In Europe, according to the agreement between EVS and WVS, it is a joint data collection.

The workshop has been devoted to the preparation of the new data collection and concerning each step of the fieldwork.