Values – Politics – Religion: The European Values Study

Regina Polak and Patrick Rohs (Austrian team of EVS) edited the book “Values – Politics – Religion: The European Values Study. In-depth Analysis – Interdisciplinary Perspectives – Future Prospects“, recently published in open access.

The book analyses the international data of the European Values Study (EVS 1990 – 2017), with a focus on the impact of religious on political values from empirical as well as theoretical perspectives, i.e. sociology, political and cultural studies, philosophy, ethics, theology and the law. It interprets results from interdisciplinary perspectives, including the viewpoints of social ethics, sociology and cultural studies, law and practical theology. In the political and public as well as media debates of the European Union, the recourse to (above all “European” and also “Christian”) values has played a central and controversial role in the field of politics and religion for several decades. This collection is a contribution to a qualified discourse on values in Europe by providing empirical, hermeneutical and ethical criteria for a responsible use of the concept of values. In addition to a comparison of political value systems in Western and Eastern Europe and the possible role of religion in this context, the book also deals with topics such as, f.i., solidarity, economics and values, value formation, and law and values. Additionally, specific population groups such as the socio-culturally marginalized strata are examined more closely.


  • Regina Polak, Patrick Rohs

Pages 1-29 Open Access PDF

Basic Research

  1. Front MatterPages 31-31PDF
  2. Values: A Contested Concept. Problem Outline and Interdisciplinary Approaches
    • Regina Polak
    Pages 33-93 Open AccessPDF
  3. A Critical History of the Use of ‘European Values’
    • Wim Weymans
    Pages 95-123Open AccessPDF
  4. Transformations in the Religious and Moral Landscape in Europe?
    • Loek Halman, Inge Sieben
    Pages 125-154Open AccessPDF

In-Depth Analysis

  1. Front MatterPages 155-155PDF
  2. Political Values and Religion: A Comparison Between Western and Eastern Europe
    • Susanne Pickel, Gert Pickel
    Pages 157-203Open AccessPDF
  3. Religion, Values and Politics: The Effect of Religiosity on Attitudes Towards Immigrants and Muslims
    • Regina Polak, Dirk Schuster
    Pages 205-248Open AccessPDF
  4. Solidarity: A European Value?
    • Markus Quandt, Vera Lomazzi
    Pages 249-280Open AccessPDF
  5. The Invisibles: Religious and Political Values Among Different Social Classes
    • Pierre Bréchon
    Pages 281-311Open AccessPDF

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

  1. Front MatterPages 313-313PDF
  2. Ethical and Theological Approaches to the Value Discourses in Europe
    • Christof Mandry
    Pages 315-337Open AccessPDF
  3. Values and Economy: How Companies Deal with Values
    • Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi
    Pages 339-368Open AccessPDF
  4. Values and Laws
    • Christoph Konrath
    Pages 369-390Open AccessPDF

Future Prospects

  1. Front MatterPages 391-391PDF
  2. Perceptions of Social Challenges in Europe. Disentangling the Effects of Context, Social Structure, Religion, Values and Political Attitudes to Identify Potential Drivers of Societal Change
    • Wolfgang Aschauer
    Pages 393-447Open AccessPDF
  3. Values Education, Politics and Religion
    • Bernhard Grümme
    Pages 449-474Open AccessPDF
  4. Conclusions, Consequences, Challenges
    • Regina Polak
    Pages 475-521Open Access