WVS/EVS joint session at IPSA

27th World Congress of Political Science took place on 15-19 July 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The WVS/EVS joint session “Social Values and Norms Changing the Development of Societies: Evidence from the European Values Study and the World Values Survey“, organized by Edurne Bartolome Peral (EVS) and Kseniya Kizilova (WVS) welcomed contributions based on EVS/WVS data addressing substantive and/or methodological aspects of value research. Recent joint EVS-WVS dataset (2017-2022) and the EVS-WVS trend file (1981-2022) allow social and political sciences to broaden and deepen their analysis. We invite papers which make use of the EVS/WVS data -solely or in combination with other types of data- to address a broad scope of issues, including political culture and political attitudes, support for democracy and political participation, perceptions of gender equality and moral values, identity and trust, civil society, corruption, solidarity, and migration among the others.

Convenor: Dr. Kseniya Kizilova

Chair: Dr. Edurne Bartolome

Co-chair: Prof. Christian Haerpfer

Discussants: Dr. Ingrid Grosse


Mongolian’s Social Values: Overview and Some Comparisons Authors: Prof. Nadezhda Dulina, Dr. Tseveen Tsetsenbileg

The Social Dynamics of Religiosity Decline Author: Dr. Jakson Aquino

Ukrainian Values: Between the Slavic-Orthodox Legacy and Europe’s Allure Authors: Dr. Plamen Akaliyski, Dr. Tim Reeskens

Values and Character Building Promoted by Indonesian Parents at Home: Evidence from World Value Survey

Authors: Dr. Ni Wayan Suriastini, Dr. Bondan Soepraptilah Sikoki