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EVS at WAPOR conference

EVS participated in the 71° WAPOR Conference in Marrakech (27-30 June 2018) with a panel,  chaired by Vera Lomazzi and Ruud Luijkx, aimed at illustrating the most recent methodological innovations employed in EVS2017 together with some first substantive results from the most recent collected data. The panel proposed four presentations:

The European Values Study from 1981 to 2026: Methodological Developments
Ruud Luijkx (Tilburg University), Vera Lomazzi (GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)

Using Web Probing to Elucidate Respondents’ Understanding of “Minorities“ in Cross-Cultural Comparative Research
Michael Braun, Dorothée Behr, Katharina Meitinger, Klara Raiber (GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)

Questions in context: location and order effects in the measurement of values
Alexandre Pollien, Michèle Ernst Stähli, Michael Ochsner, Patricia Milbert (FORS)

A Growing Educational Divide? Evidence from the Netherlands from 5 EVS Waves
Tim Reeskens, Inge Sieben, Loek Halman (Tilburg University)

Other members of EVS participated in different panels: Pablo Christmann from the German EVS team gave a presentation “How people evaluate democracy: An assessment of the effects of economic performance and quality of democracy on satisfaction with democracy; and Ziva Broder, Simona Zavratnik, Rebeka Falle Zorman from the Slovenian EVS team gave the presentation “Public opinion and migration: the case study from Slovenian perspective


5th International Conference of the Romanian Sociologists Society: Sections on social values

The call for papers for the 5th International Conference of the Romanian Sociologists Society includes two relevant sessions for the study of values and value change. They are both organized by EVS national partners: Bogdan Voicu (NPD of Romania) and Beatrice Chromková Manea (member of the Czech Team):

  • Trends in societal change. New data from European Values Study and World Values Survey,  Prof. Bogdan Voicu, Research Institute for Quality of Life & Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
  • Value change, solidarity and identity issues in a changing world,  Dr. Beatrice Chromková Manea, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Read the full call here.
Proposals can be submitted by May 15th.

The conference “Living in a liquid Society” offers a broader program which includes as keynote speakers Prof. Herman Dülmer, Prof. Bogdan Voicu, Prof. David Voas, and Prof. Cosima  Rughinis.

International Conference on Policies for Happiness and Health

The deadline for submitting papers to the “International Conference on Policies for Happiness and Health” has been extended to the 6th of February 2018.

The list of keynote speakers include:

  • Jolanda Jetten, University of Queensland, Psychologist
  • Mariano Rojas, Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla, Economist
  • Ruut Veenhoven, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Sociologist and Economist

For more information, please, visit:

or send an email to:

Third SERISS training course on Measurement quality and correction for measurement error

SERISS announced a new training aimed at Doctoral Candidates at all stages, Postdoctorates from Humanities and Social Sciences and quantitative research practitioners

The course will outline the issues related to measurement error in survey research and the subsequent consequences for the results of the research.

The third SERISS training course will take place at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia on 26-27 February 2018. The training session will be delivered by Diana Zavala-Rojas and Wiebke Weber of the Research and Expertise Centre for Survey Methodology (RECSM), Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

There are no tuition fees. The deadline for applications is Monday 4 December 2017. The results of the selection will be known by 15 December 2017.

For more information, consult the SERISS webpage.

EVS at ESRA Conference

The European Values Study will be at  the 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, in Lisbon. Ruud Luijkx and Loek Halman present the development of the research program since 1981 to 2017 during the session “Overview of Open Access European Survey Data“.

Many members of EVS coordinate sessions or present their works, and several scholars are going to present papers based on EVS data. In particular we enlighten the sessions “The Study of Value Change using European Values Surveys” that will take place on Wednesday 19  (Room F2 109) with the following presentations:

9.00-10.30 First session (see the details here)

  1. Examining National Pride across Time and Countries, 1995-2013 – Dr Tom W Smith (NORC at the University of Chicago)
  2. Work values and job preferences in Europe: gender aspect –  Ms Natalia Soboleva (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia)
  3. Modernisation, Culture, and Moral Change in Europe: From Universalism to Contextualism –  Professor Hermann Dülmer (University of Cologne)

11.00 – 12.30 Second session (see details here)

  1. The Measurement Instruments of Japanese Religiosity from a Comparative Perspective: Data Analysis of the WVS 6th Wave – Professor Kazufumi Manabe (Aoyama Gakuin University)
  2. Dynamics of Social Change using Comparative Survey Data – a Polish Example – Professor Jerzy Bartkowski (Warsaw University)

See  also the full program of the conference.

Webinar Scale-homogenization

The  Erasmus University Rotterdam organizes a webinar on new methods developed to improve the comparability of survey results for questions on the same topic.

These methods are described by the teachers of the webinar in the recently published book Diversity in Survey Questions on the Same Topic: Techniques for Improving Comparability (T. de Jonge, R. Veenhoven, W. Kalmijn, 2017), based on the use of data the Eurobarometer, the European Social Survey, the European Values Survey and a number of national surveys.

Upcoming dates: Friday October 27, 2017, 14-17 hrs CET and Friday November 3, 2017, 14-17 hrs CET.

Click here for more information.

General Assembly and Workshop in Athens

European Values Study and the EVS Greek team (Aikaterini Gari, Vassilis Pavlopoulos, Penny Panagiotopoulou) from University of Athens have organized the EVS General Assembly and a Workshop in Athens, on 5th May 2017.

During the General Assembly, chaired by Dr. Michael Breen, the Chair of EVS Loek Halman announced the release of the final version of the questionnaire to be used for the next data collection in Europe. The new master questionnaire is the results of the joint work of the Theory Group and the Methodology Group, in consultation with the National Program Directors during the previous General Assemblies, and with World Values Survey. Compared to the version used in 2008, some questions have been dropped and new have been added, trying to keep the balance between comparability over time and innovation, also in the perspective of compatibility with items used by WVS outside Europe. In Europe, according to the agreement between EVS and WVS, it is a joint data collection.

The workshop has been devoted to the preparation of the new data collection and concerning each step of the fieldwork.

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